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LoniMichelle.com's Mission statement- I am dedicated and committed to seeing other's succeed.

From a young age I had a huge interest in helping other's. I fell in love with fitness and became a personal trainer because I was able to change my own life through fitness. Now i want to share that gift with other's!


Loni was a great coach! Very understanding during my difficult time. She designed workouts to help build me and make me stronger. The nutrition was so easy that there wasn't a reason to not follow it. She brought out the best in me and lite a fire within me. If you are looking for a coach or someone to help you. SHE IS YOUR GIRL!

*Melanie Goff

Loni helped me work though my struggles. She is really someone who actually cares about your health and well being. She is my forever coach!

*Sarah Lynn

Loni is fantastic/ She is extremely knowledgeable and professional, which can be hard to find these days. She will definitely help you reach your goals!

*Tiara Ball

Im just beginning my journey with Loni but, so far she is quick to respond to any questions. Very knowledgeable of her field. She is very hands on and some of us just need that little extra boost! She goes out of her way to give if needed! Excited for the time to come and the results.

*Andrea Harrison

Loni has been great and very supportive. If it wasn't for her programming and ability to push me, I would not be where I am today. I have loved every minute of working with her and I look forward to the future!

*Cherri watts

Loni Pfeil has been my coach for two years and the transformation on the inside and outside has been an incredible experience. She's knowledgeable with nutrition, supplementation, workouts, and truly cares about her clients with no extremes. Her experience includes everyday people who want to get into shape as well as the more experienced athlete looking to get to the next level. Thank you Loni for changing my life.

*Andrea Ventimigila

Loni has been training me for about 5 years, both in person and online. She is so supportive and understanding, but also motivates me to push myself. She listens to me and makes me feel like more than a "Client". She is my friend.

Her online training is so perfect for my lifestyle. She keeps track of my progress through weekly updates that I journal though the week and then send to her. She is on top of the nutritional curve and keeps workouts on point so I do not get bored.

She has taught me so much about food and exercise, my cholesterol is controlled though my menu plan so I don't have to take medicine! I have been extremely lucky to work with her for so long. She is the best and CARES!!!!

If you are interested in finding a fitness mentor, she's the best. Contact her. You will not be disappointed.

*Helen Hunter

I have worked with Loni on and off over the last 3 years and what I have gotten from her is a ton of knowledge on how to eat and workout for my body type. She keeps me accountable and really does push me to succeed. I am grateful for this girl!

*Mark Striblle

Loni has always been a positive light ever since she was introduced to me in 2010. She has her style that is her own and does things to get results that matter!! She has a great worth of knowledge to benefit anyone if you give her the time to get to know how you operate as an individual.

*Joseph Talley

Loni Helped me get to my pre baby weight!!!

*Meredith Warren Fishel

5 stars highly recommended for personal success- just remember you can pay for it, Loni can write your programs (Meal/exercise) but until you commit and become dedicated, you wont see/feel everything she can do. Thank you Loni.

*Aaron Wentz

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